Photo essay: Porthleven to Rinsey Cove

Photographer Conan Marshall shares a series of images taken during a number of walks from the Cornish seaside town of Porthleven to Rinsey Cove. This 6km walk is part of the historic South West Coastal path, one of England’s most popular long distance walks.

Throughout the year, thousands walk along the Cornish section of the South West Coastal Path. Rugged cliffs lie along the route which spans over 260 miles of coastline. This path has attracted people from all walks of life including runners, ramblers and tourists from afar.

There is a long and rich history of the Cornish coast being home to numerous shipwrecks and smuggling routes. The dangerous task of smuggling illegal products such as brandy and gin reached its peak during the 18th Century. This was a violent way of life but many smugglers escaped conviction, using the hidden coves of Cornwall to their advantage.

Nowadays this coast is home to more recreational activities. There are over 18 trail running events encompassing the coastal paths of Cornwall including the Roseland August Trail, Arc of Attrition and the Atlantic Coast Challenge. The Endurance life Classic Quarter is a relentless Ultra Marathon which includes this section of the path, beginning at the Lizard and finishing at Lands End.