Podcasts that Inspire: The Joe Rogan Experience

Podcasts that Inspire: The Joe Rogan Experience

Words: Ruaidhri Marshall

Standup comic, mixed martial arts commentator and psychedelic adventurer, Joe Rogan, is known for his in-depth conversations on his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience. With quite possibly the biggest plethora of guests ever seen on one show. Even the likes of Elon Musk are interested in featuring soon. Luckily for us endurance fanatics there are hours and hours of content to tune into.

Today I’ll share and discuss three of my favorite endurance athlete guests that he has welcomed onto the show. From an ex-Navy Seal turned ultra marathon runner to a competitor who obliterated her competition during the Moab240 in Utah. Each of their stories promote an overwhelming sense of determination and give us their perspective on why they endure such prolific heights.

Be warned…your gonna want to put on your running shoes and hit the trail even harder after hearing these!


1.       Cameron Hanes

You can not discuss this subject without first mentioning one of the most frequent guests on Joe Rogan’s podcast, Cameron Hanes. His motto, ‘’Keep Hammering’’ says it all really. He doesn’t give up. Cameron Hanes has completed the Moab240, which in my opinion means he’s the primary definition of an endurance freak. A statement which I’ll keep for anybody who has attempted the grueling 238 miles through mountain ranges and deserts of Utah.

Hanes is also an expert bowhunter and passionate wildlife conservationist. I’ll admit I was once one of those people who generally bought into the stereotype that hunters don’t care for animals and the environment and are probably not the nicest of people…this couldn’t be further from the truth (but that’s an article in itself). Cameron is featured regularly on the Under Armour Outdoors Instagram. His own Instagram shows a mixture of motivational trail running vlogs, bowhunting adventures and gym photos.

This guy runs a marathon a day, his guest features are worth checking out!

Podcast: Joe Rogan Experience #1074 - Cameron Hanes




2.       Courtney Dauwalter

If you're even remotely invested in trail running and haven’t been living under a rock in the Grand Canyon for the last few years, you have probably heard of this next guest Courtney Dauwalter. She entered the Moab240 and completely destroyed the competition. Finishing the 238 mile race in 2 days 9 hours and 59 minutes... second place finished more than 10hrs after her.

She is one of the most humble and genuine people Joe Rogan has entertained on his podcast. She is a delight to listen to considering her unorthodox approach. This is someone who isn’t on any special diets, no kale shakes or no carb restrictions but in fact a person who loves nachos and runs races in baseball shorts. It boggles my mind how she isn’t talked about more. A highly determined but kind individual who has some great stories to share. Enjoy.

Podcast: Joe Rogan Experience #1027 - Courtney Dauwalter




3.       David Goggins

A man who has gone through so much in his life it’ll be hard to compact it all in just a few paragraphs. His achievements which include: running in countless ultra marathons, holding the former world record for the most pull-ups done in 24 hours and of course being a battle-hardened Navy Seal. He explains during the podcast how he changed his lifestyle completely. Overcoming an abusive childhood, obesity, asthma and even a congenital heart defect.

After almost weighing 300lbs, David cut an astonishing 110lbs to make weight for Navy seal training in the 90's. His outstanding military career was then accompanied by his desire to compete in ultra marathons. This podcast gives an in-depth breakdown on how every human can learn to overcome difficulty in their lives. He is truly a shining example of determination. His running anecdotes will surely give you inspiration to get out there and endure.

Podcast: Joe Rogan Experience #1080 - David Goggins




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by @Ruary_M

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