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Running for Solace has been created to promote running as a way to improve lives.

Some of you reading this already run regularly. You may be exploring ways in which running benefits you. These people will know the ultimate feeling of accomplishment that takes its rightful place in your mind after a gruelling run.

Though a number of you will be reading and wondering what the fuss is about. How could a simple activity like going for a run help you find ‘solace’?

Regular aerobic exercise (in this case running) can help you cope with issues, fears and stresses that plague the minds of us all.

Why should you run?

Running can benefit the mind as well as the body and help you cope with the very real stresses of daily life or the symptoms of an illness.

If you want to find out more about the research behind the benefits of running, click here.

Where do I start running?

If you’re new to running you may not know where to begin running regularly.

My first advice would be to keep it simple and start around your neighbourhood.

However, if you want to find a more suitable running route that’s near you click here. Runtogether is a running app designed for beginners.

Being an offshoot of Cornish based magazine Dure, we have created a guide to 5 coastal running routes for you to explore in Cornwall.

If you want to share your story on how running has helped you, use #runningforsolace on instagram and twitter to help inspire others.

Running for Solace was founded by photographer & journalist Conan Marshall.

All photos & words, Copyright 2019. All rights reserved.

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