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Podcasts That Inspire: Part 3

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Podcasts That Inspire: Part 3

Words: Ruaidhri Marshall @ruary_m

In this month’s segment of podcasts that inspire, I dive deep into the waters of all things outdoors and adventure. I’ll be recommending three appreciable podcasts that are worth checking out if you have that urge to get inspired to travel and explore our natural world.

All episodes mentioned give a great sense of appreciation for nature and the outdoors. You’ll be hearing about ideas such as environmentalism, sustainability and simplicity through the voices of some notable and inspirational guests.

Mud flats along the Helford River, Cornwall. Taken by photographer Ruaidhri Marshall

Mud flats along the Helford River, Cornwall. Taken by photographer Ruaidhri Marshall

1. Looking Sideways Podcast | 071: LÉA BRASSY/THE ART OF SIMPLICITY

The first podcast I recommend checking out further is by Matt Barr, journalist and co-Director of All Conditions Media and host of the podcast the Looking Sideways Podcast. The podcast aims to interview people within the action sports and adventure world. A very tidy podcast that is great for dissecting the opinions from a range of guests including this recommended episode guest Léa Brassy.

Léa Brassy is an ocean advocate who is a keen surfer, free-diver, spear fisher. She is a keen writer and film maker. In this episode, Léa talks profoundly about living a simpler and more sustainable life. A eager environmentalist, she believes in ‘’making yourself a part of the solution not the problem’’.

Check out the podcast below by visiting his website.


2. Outside Podcast | Susan Casey Might Have Gills

My next recommended podcast to listen to is from a magazine which I consider to be the holy grail of all things outdoors, adventure and anything else that fits into an active lifestyle. Outside Magazine and its online counterpart Outside Online is an award-winning magazine which has the primary aim of inspiring people to have an active participation in the outdoors world around them.

They cover stories focusing on action sports and adventurers whilst also producing content based around health and fitness, gear reviews and events. Their podcast consists of interviewing people within this world and gaining their perspective and outlook on life.

The episode I have picked includes guest Susan Casey. Former creative director of Outside, Susan has reached critical acclaim with her three best selling books including Voices in the Ocean. A book inspired by her experiences with swimming with wild dolphins of the coast of Maui, Hawaii. She recalls her early life experiences getting into the magazine industry and her time documenting great white sharks. She speaks about how the media has shifted the general publics perception of these vast creatures and discusses the need for more of a change in attitude on the importance of the ocean’s environment.

A key concept I took away from this episode is the importance of telling the stories of individuals when documenting climate change and how barking at people on changing their attitude towards the environment isn’t the way to go but rather making them realise it within themselves.


3. Out there Podcast | Crag Rats

A lot of the time, outdoor magazines paint the outdoors as a place of beauty and bliss, but what happens when everything that could go wrong… does go wrong?

On this episode of the Out There Podcast, they have a guest speaker from another great podcast by the name of Hear in the Gorge to tell the story of an accident that happened to a 10-year-old boy in Oregon. Sarah Fox gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the Crag Rats, one of the oldest search and rescue teams in the U.S. A group of volunteers that’s job is to go where ambulances can’t get to.

Listen to the Out There Podcast and particularly the Crag Rats episode down below!