An update on the future of Dure:

In March 2018, Dure magazine was created. It started as a University project, founded by five BA (Hons) Press & Editorial Photography students at Falmouth, England. From the start we have made it our aim to share inspiring stories of athletes and adventurers, and to celebrate outdoor culture.

Just over one year later, we have kept growing as a platform. This has seen our viewer figures grow and gradually we’ve gained momentum. While still being a long way from reaching our goals or being anywhere near profitable, we’ve recently hit 20,000 page views and have accumulated 9,000 individual visitors to the website.

We’re not perfect… there’s a few typos here and there. But as a publication, we aim to keep going.

Despite our time at University coming to an end, Dure will evolve from the student project it started out as. We’re very keen to carry on producing more articles, photo essays and engage with fellow adventurers, runners, cyclists and everyone in between (If you have a story you’d like to share, no matter how big or small, we’re interested to hear from you).

Summer 2019

During the upcoming summer, two of our co-founder’s Conan and Ruaidhri Marshall will be spending three months in Portugal interning. This gives us the chance to produce a diverse range of stories, travel blogs and photo essays.

Our other two co-founders, Alex Melling and Cameron Hanson, will be just as much as involved in Dure.